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The main question asked by the owners of commercial sites: how to find customers on the Internet?

As practice shows, many well-known brands are advertised not only for the purpose of obtaining a direct conversion, but also for the purpose of remembering by a person. If a user often sees an advertisement of the same company (brand), if he constantly stumbles upon it in the results of search results, discussions on social networks, then with a much greater probability when a need arises for a service, this particular company will first appear in his head. And he will look for her. Already at a subconscious level, a person has chosen whom he will turn to.

For this to happen this way, your brand must always be in the ears and in full view. This will help the development and use of as many advertising channels as possible.

Search promotion

People trust search engines because they almost always find what they are looking for with their help. Thus, the higher your position in the SERP, the more often and more willingly people will go to your site. Average users do not view more than 2-3 pages of results, which means that getting to the top positions is necessary for successful promotion on the network.

Website optimization involves a lot of work. It requires a serious and competent approach. You need to know the principles of the search engines, how they rank sites, what affects getting on the first lines of search results, how certain actions and changes on the site affect the final result and much more. It is necessary to carry out both internal and external optimization. All actions that increase the level of trust on the part of search engines and visitors contribute to increasing the chances of getting into the top organic search results.

SEO optimization does not produce lightning fast results. This is a long term investment. In the best case, you will begin to receive the first traffic a month or two after the work done. With minimal labor, you create the foundation for many years to come.

contextual advertising

The opposite of SEO promotion is contextual advertising. It allows you to get your first visitors an hour after moderation. But as soon as you stop paying for clicks, traffic will stop coming. Creating and setting up ads is less time consuming. For most start-up projects, this is the only effective way to attract customers. The most popular services today are Google Search and Google AdWords.

To make good use of the context, you need to know your target audience, how exactly it searches for you in the search engines, what queries it introduces. High-frequency queries in almost all areas are occupied by giants, which are pointless to compete with. Therefore, as in the case of SEO optimization, most advertisers resort to impressions on low and midrange queries. As a rule, competition is lower for them, and traffic is more targeted and cheaper.

An excellent solution is to launch contextual advertising in the initial stages, while the site is being optimized for organic delivery.

Display ad

This is another effective way to attract customers to the site. Display advertising is the placement of graphic banners on thematic sites. Banners can be both static and animated. The latter, as a rule, attract much more attention.

The final result depends on the chosen site and location. For more successful promotion, use not one, but several sites. Analyze statistics for each and stop impressions on those that do not bring leads. All the same analytics and promotion services from Yahoo and Google will help you with this.

Try placing the same banner in different places and look at the result. By testing various strategies and banners, you can determine the best options for yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment and make your advertising original and memorable.

The decision to click on the banner is made in 3 seconds. People do not read long texts, so leave only the most important elements.


By SMM is meant activity in social networks. Tie social. networks to their resources so that visitors can share material with friends. Get a page or group of your company in the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Through social interaction, you can keep in touch with your audience, increase the company's reputation and recognition, as well as trust in it. Using social networks, you can promote and sell your goods and services.

Remember that published content should not only sell, but also be useful and interesting for your subscribers. Spam mailings will not bring conversions, but will also cause an outflow of subscribers / negative to the brand.

Email Newsletter

This method is not intended to attract new customers, but to improve the relationship with those who are already, or increase loyalty to your product / service. An audience that voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter from you will be more loyal if you periodically reheat it with various promotions, discounts, interesting offers, give a lot of useful information in your newsletters, etc.

Develop a mailing strategy. Dilute text with graphic inserts. Try to make the newsletter such that it sells only 5%, everything else is useful information for future buyers. Do not do the newsletter for those who have not subscribed to it. This is a bad way to attract customers.

Video promotion

Quite a popular recently way to search and attract new customers. Sites like YouTube are taking over the internet. People spend more and more time watching interesting video content. Do not use this channel today is short-sighted.

Advertising here can be of several types: a video insertion at the beginning / middle / end of the video being watched, a banner accompanying the video and most often placed at the bottom of the video (you can close it if you wish), or a banner located outside the video player (for example, a banner above the recommended clips on YouTube).

Another effective way to attract customers is to pay the creators of the video (bloggers) so that during the filming they mention your product in an unobtrusive way. The more organically and competently this is done, the greater the level of trust such advertising will cause.

You can also create your own channel and gain subscribers, which will help increase brand loyalty and increase the number of customers.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some more useful tips and tricks for finding more customers on the Internet and bringing them to the site:

  • First, determine the goals and objectives of the advertising campaign;
  • Based on the goals and objectives, choose the appropriate methods for their implementation;
  • Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics, set goals in them;
  • measure current indicators and compare them with planned;
  • test campaigns and strategies with small budgets, identify the most effective options for yourself;
  • if you use phones to communicate with customers, be sure to connect call-tracking technology;
  • check the functionality of functional elements and conversion forms;
  • use an integrated approach and testing various channels of access to CA.
  • Be original and creative. We hope you achieve the desired results in your work.

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