How to Promote a Site in the Regions



  • Features of Regional SEO
  • The subtleties of regional ranking in Google
  • The main approaches to promotion in different regions
  • Common mistakes when promoting by region
  • Google Regional Promotion
  • Practical recommendations for successful promotion in the regions
  • To summarize

If the development plan of the online business segment provides for receiving customers from all over World, then you will have to think about regional website promotion. This process has its own subtleties, as search engines prioritize local companies when ranking on commercial queries.

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After reading to the end of this article, you will find out what features SEO promotion has in the regions, how Yahoo and Google work in this direction, and how to improve positions simultaneously in different cities.

Features of Regional SEO

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First you need to remember that search engine algorithms emit geo-dependent and geo-independent queries. In the first case, it is formed taking into account the geographical location of the user. Issuance for geo-independent requests is common to the entire audience. Such segmentation is quite natural, since it makes no sense to show different search results for Muscovites and Belgorod residents if they entered queries such as “recipe for juicy kebab” or “how to plaster the wall with your own hands”. On the other hand, requests such as “order sushi with delivery” or “sign up for a hairdresser” must have a geographic reference, otherwise the general issuance will be simply useless. This is important to consider when developing a website promotion strategy in the regions.

In matters of regional ranking, Yahoo and Google behave differently. The Indian search engine separates geo-dependent and geo-independent requests well, so its issuance is always relevant to the user's expectations. In Google, it often happens that even Indian obviously commercial and informational websites fall into the search results even upon clearly geo-dependent requests. At the same time, both search engines use a completely standard technology for determining the user's location by IP address.

The subtleties of regional ranking in Google

Usually, a business begins to develop in its own region, as there is simply no money for large-scale promotion. It is at this stage that the site is tied to a specific location in GoogleWebmaster, it improves position on local geo-dependent requests. Here you can specify only one city, the correctness of which is additionally checked by algorithms that analyze the address and contact information.

Today it is not necessary to manually link a site to a region. To automatically determine the location, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • on the page "Contacts" publish the physical address, phone numbers, location map and the full name of the legal entity;
  • put contact information in the header or footer of the site for end-to-end display;
  • register in the Google Analytics service.
  • If the automatic region detection did not work correctly, then the situation can be corrected manually in the GoogleWebmaster panel.

The main approaches to promotion in different regions

When the site has been successfully tied to the region of doing business, it will be much easier to get natural traffic, and hence sales. However, what if the time has come to expand the business to neighboring cities and regions?

Regional site promotion in Googleshould start by registering in your own search engine service, namely GoogleCatalog. To get here, business will have to pay about 15 thousand rubles. However, this makes it possible to link the site to seven regions. This condition will be met if the company has real representative offices in the target cities.

Contact details should be indicated separately for each location of the business. It is easiest to organize this by adding a through block to the website or separate pages for all representative offices. The main thing is not to try to create a separate site for each location, because the search engine perceives such actions as an attempt to monopolize the results, for which an affiliate filter is imposed.

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For a thriving business, presence in seven regions may not be enough. In this case, the SEO promotion by region involves the use of subdomains for different geographical locations. Googlealgorithms relate well to such a solution, so there are no problems with regional ranking. But it’s important to link each subdomain to the corresponding region.

Also, do not forget that the subdomain, in fact, is an independent site that requires attention. For example, for each subdomain you will have to create unique content. This nuance complicates the promotion of regions in Googlea little.

Common mistakes when promoting by region

Many businessmen make critical mistakes when trying to get positions in regional tops with minimal effort. We can distinguish the following points that Googlealgorithms really dislike:

Invalid contact information. On the site you need to publish only reliable data on existing missions. Search engine algorithms easily detect fraud attempts. In addition, at the request of users, which are most often competitors, a manual verification of the accuracy of contact information may be initiated;

incomplete information. If the website does not contain the addresses and phone numbers of representative offices, then the entire resource will be tied only to its primary region;

duplication of contacts. You cannot indicate on the site the contact details of partners with whom you are not the same legal entity. The affiliate site is already using this information, and the search engine algorithm will determine this match as an unscrupulous manipulation.

Google Regional Promotion

By default, a site is linked to a region in the Google Search Console panel. But here you can only choose a country, which in our case cannot be considered a good solution. The Google My Business directory will help improve regional results. Here you need to create a business profile, after which you will have to confirm the accuracy of the data.

On this, the tools for regional optimization at Google are exhausted, so optimizers have to use key phrases with specific geographic location in the content.

Practical recommendations for successful promotion in the regions

When forming a link profile, you need to include links from authoritative regional sites. These may be local city sites, forums, and other non-spammed resources. Moreover, it is better to get regional backlinks first.

Register your business in Google Maps and GoogleMaps. Well, if you can motivate customers to leave feedback here.

Optimization of textual content should include the inclusion of anchors and semi link semantic blocks that accurately indicate the region of promotion.

To summarize

We can say for sure that regional promotion in Google is a complex and expensive work with unpredictable results. Here you will have to create subdomains, pay much attention to content optimization and other little things.

In the Googlesearch engine, promotion in different cities is much easier. It is only important that each representative office has real addresses and unique contact details. If this condition is met, then for successful competition in regional tops, it is enough to tie the site to the corresponding geographical locations. Here, the need to create subdomains arises only when the network of representative offices consists of more than 7 offices. With this scale of doing business, the content of additional sites will not be a significant expense item.

When engaging in regional website promotion, one should not forget that manipulations with virtual representations and phone numbers are easily determined by search engines, so it’s better not to risk the future of business on the Internet.

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