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Currently, everyone knows that creating a page is only half the battle, more time-consuming and important is the second half - getting traffic to this page. For this, various methods of promoting a company on the Internet are used. Optimization of all projects is usually carried out comprehensively. However, one can note the main types of work and figure out which mechanisms are most effective in specific cases.

Promotion of a company’s website on the Internet: methods and effectiveness

As you can see, we are tasked with attracting a large number of unique targeted visitors to the site, while it is important that visitors come to the site regularly.

The target audience is people who came to the site due to the interest shown in the content of your project, in the services and goods offered. As a rule, new visitors indicate a query that is related to the theme of your site in the search bar, and then go to the page from the search results.

In the commercial industry, targeted visitors are generally considered potential future customers because they are already interested in your service or product.

Ways to get targeted visitors

SEO-promotion of the company page: One of the most popular methods, the essence of which is to keep the site in the top of search engine results for a query related to the topic of your business. Thus, the target visitor enters the name of your service or product on Google or Googleand immediately sees a link to your page.

We will talk about the nuances of this promotion method and the reasons for its relevance below.

Contextual advertising: The method is based on the creation of short informative announcements. After prepayment, they will be shown marked "advertising" to your target audience in the top of search results. They can also be located at the bottom of the page or to the right of the search lines. Advertising will be cheaper if you choose a less prestigious and convenient venue.

Advantages of the context: the target audience appears almost immediately after the activation of advertising. Even a one-page website can generate revenue.

Cons of the context: high cost. The more popular the request, the more expensive the ad will cost.


Create a page and group on social networks. This method is very good, because the use of social networks for website promotion has been confirmed in practice for a long time. Many users of social networks make purchases through special groups, without even going to the site. Therefore, this audience must be attracted. However, there is a problem: without their own promotion, no group will receive visitors. As a result, it needs its own advertising campaign, and this will require additional financial and time costs.

Channel on youtube. This method is similar to working with social networks. The difference is that here you advertise video materials, and then they advertise you after multiple shows and reposts.


SMS advertising and email marketing. Nowadays, mail and SMS mailings are very relevant, as they have shown their effectiveness with a rational approach. You should not buy the base of phone numbers and addresses, so as not to deal with spam. Modern PR mailings are quite effective and legal; messages are sent based on the subscribers of a fashion service or blogger. You only need to think over a high-quality text and pay advertising to the owner of the newsletter.

Viral marketing. A very complex and expensive, but interesting method, which consists in the formation of "viral" content, as a rule, these are videos or pictures to which advertising is added. The essence of this method is that users liked your content so much that people themselves will begin to distribute it in social networks, in letters and on forums.

A large number of methods, some of them are more effective, others less. By and large, ideas such as handing out leaflets or television ads can work to some extent. However, the disadvantage of many of these methods is their high cost and the need for constant financial investment. So, for example, contextual advertising stops giving a new audience immediately after stopping financing, and newsletters work only a couple of days after sending a message.

Youtube or social networks are much more convenient in this regard, because they work even when you are not paying attention to them. But, as mentioned above, these resources themselves need to be promoted and they are far from suitable for any projects. And only SEO-promotion for months works for you even if you, in principle, do not deal with these issues.

SEO website promotion company

Search promotion consists in rationally optimizing your page, making it so that both search services and visitors like it. The work aimed at optimizing the project is carried out under well-selected requests that will most accurately reflect the geography of sales and the activities of your company.

That is, when forming the semantic core, you will receive a list of those keys that your potential customers and buyers use as search queries to find your services and goods.

Then the SEO specialist conducts various events, which include buying links, article advertising, advertisements and some other methods, including (as ancillary) the above methods.

The purpose of this work is to promote a page in the top search engine results for specific queries. The time frame for the work, as a rule, is from 3 to 6 months, and sometimes longer. The cost of the work of a SEO specialist, especially compared to contextual advertising, can be considered very modest. The effectiveness of these methods is the same, however, the site in the top of search results remains so long enough even after the specialists finished working with it.

All this time, a new target audience will come to you, as search results are an ideal filter for selecting potential customers and buyers. And even after six months or a year, when your competitors will be able to overtake you, you will still be in the top positions for a very long time. Naturally, the site will be slowly pushed down by other pages, by those who did a good job of promoting later.

If you agree with a specialist on continuous work to promote the site or contact him at the first sign of a loss of position in the top, then such work will cost significantly less than website promotion in a limited time.

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